Delete duplicate photos from Google Photos

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a photo and video sharing and storage service developed by Google. It also provides features such as automatic organization of photos and videos, facial recognition, and sharing and editing capabilities.

Your Google account comes with 15GB free that is shared across Gmail, Drive, and Photos. If you need additional storage, you can sign up for a paid plan on Google One starting at $1.99 per month and comes with additional perks.

One way to try and prevent the need to pay for extra storage is by deleting duplicate or similar photos from your account.

Delete photos from Google Photos account

We have integrated with the Google Photos API which allows us to retrieve your photos and scan for duplicates. We will notify you any any duplicate or similar photos we find so you can decide if you want to delete them.

  • Download and install the Delete Duplicate Photos app for your computer
  • Open the Delete Duplicate Photos app on your computer
  • Click on Google Photos and login with your Google account
  • Click on Scan to begin the process of detecting duplicate photos with the Google Photos API
  • You’ll see duplicate matches and an option to delete
  • Tap Delete to delete duplicate photos which will bring you to the photo on Google Photos to delete it there
  • The deleted photos will automatically be removed from all your devices

We do not automatically delete the photo for you, you need to do this yourself in Google Photos. However, we make it really simple by linking you directly to the image.

If you accidentally deleted a photo you want to keep, no need to worry. You can recover these deleted photos within a certain time frame by logging into your Google Photos account and un-deleting the photos from the trash.

Google One file clean up

If you are paying for a Google One subscription, you get access to storage management features. While this does not detect duplicate images, it does tell you about large photos and videos so that you can review them and decide if you want to delete them.